Are you a Sweater Knitter?

Are you a sweater knitter? I am. Even in the middle of summer I have the compulsion to cast on. My enthusiasm for the scarf I am knitting is wearing off. I’m not sure why. I am not deterred because a fingering weight scarf is a lot of knitting. A sweater obviously is a lot, more than a lot, of knitting. So that’s not it. It may be that small needle knitting requires more small motor skill than I can maintain for long. I have a yearning for larger needles.

I am trying out a Crochet Cast On. Have you done this?


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One Triangle morphed into scarf

Can I make something other than a full shawl with a triangle? I started a new One Triangle Shawl with a gifted ball of Malabrigo Sock. Yummy. This time I thought I would  make a scarf instead of a full shawl. I only have one ball, 100g, which should do a scarf nicely.

What would happen if I started with the One Triangle shawl, increasing every other row and only worked until I had a depth I would like for a scarf, around 9″ deep?



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A little DIY lace knitting

While I was working on the Waiting For Rain shawl I was thinking about knitting a lace sweater. (That might explain why some YO got missed.) I decided I could do a little DIY lace knitting right now and put one of the stitch patterns I’m considering into this shawl. Why not? If I’m going to work a lace sweater I better like the stitch pattern a whole lot!


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Stash Busting with One Triangle

Are you into stash busting? Do you have a lot of odd balls of yarn, bits of left over yarn? Have you been gifted with someone else’s stash? Do you need to reduce so you can buy something new? A summer shawl where the gauge doesn’t matter may be the answer.

triangle (6).jpg

I usually have one (OK, maybe more than one) garter stitch project on hand that’s great for TV knitting, car knitting, tea time knitting or reading a book and knitting (that’s a trick which takes some practice, my mom is an expert at it).

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