One Triangle morphed into scarf

Can I make something other than a full shawl with a triangle? I started a new One Triangle Shawl with a gifted ball of Malabrigo Sock. Yummy. This time I thought I would  make a scarf instead of a full shawl. I only have one ball, 100g, which should do a scarf nicely.

What would happen if I started with the One Triangle shawl, increasing every other row and only worked until I had a depth I would like for a scarf, around 9″ deep?




Now I could work on the bias, increasing at the beginning of one row and decreasing at the beginning of the next row for a constant width, keeping the stitch count the same throughout.


On the first One Triangle Shawl I worked a “With yarn in front, slip first stitch” selvage on both edges. On the increase rows I worked a Kf&b increase (knit into front and back of same stitch).


This time I thought I would change it up and work “K2 (edge stitches), YO (yarn over) increase” on the increase rows and on the second row work a “Slip first stitch knitwise” selvage.


I also incorporated the Shawl Tip so that the increase edge will stretch when I block it out. I like long points at either end so this should work.

Doing the entire scarf with garter stitch could get a little boring so during my 5 hour drive to camp I worked an eyelet pattern to  keep myself amused. Nothing too difficult. I just worked 2 more eyelets every 4 rows and then when I had enough, I started to work 2 less eyelets. Easy enough to do in the car.


Now I’m stationary for several weeks watching the waves on the lake and knitting my scarf.

Are you doing some summer knitting?

Thanks for reading. Follow Me and I’ll send you a Gauge Free hat pattern. More fun with triangles.


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