Welcome to Deb Gemmell Mods: Knitting Modifications for sizing and creativity. Do you sometimes have trouble getting your knitting projects to work out? Me, too. You are not alone.

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I am a knitter, designer and teacher who, with all that experience, still cannot count on getting gauge with the recommended needle on the ball band. In fact, with sweater yarn, almost never. I am also shorter than the average bear so have been adapting patterns for length for several decades. I am no longer the small person I was when younger so now I adapt for wider hips, bigger bust and general roundness.

I hope all the information I have gathered by knitting for myself and teaching others, will help you become a knitter who can make the necessary modifications for your projects to fit your unique figure.

I also invite you to be more creative and adapt patterns to make them uniquely your own.

Short Bio: I am co-owner of Cabin Fever, where my sister Lyn and I have been designing 160 original patterns and 11 books. It’s been an exciting 22 years. I am also starting a new line of Any Gauge patterns under DebGemmellMods. (OK, I admit there is only one pattern so far but I have 2 more in the works and several more ideas percolating.)

Right Now I’m Teaching:

Ramara Township Community Centre, Ramara, ON: On Wednesday afternoons, Jan – Feb, 2019, we’re knitting Felted Bags with Northern Lights wool. The workshop is based on these two patterns – the Bag in the Need An Accessory book by Cabin Fever and Sheepstrings Big Bag by Friend of Cabin Fever

Purl3, knitting shop in Orillia, ON: Wednesday evenings, starting Jan.23, 2019, we’re taking 5 weeks to knit an adult Raglan Top Down Pullover in Any Gauge of yarn. We’re going to work bust shaping, sizing for sleeves and A-line and Hip Shaping.


Twist Yarn, Midland, ON:  On Thursday mornings in January, 2019, students are knitting their first sock. They are working boot socks with this First Time Sock pattern by Cabin Fever.

first time socks