Welcome to Deb Gemmell Mods: Knitting Modifications for sizing and creativity. Do you sometimes have trouble getting your knitting projects to work out? Me, too. You are not alone.

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I am a knitter, designer and teacher who, with all that experience, still cannot count on getting gauge with the recommended needle on the ball band. In fact, with sweater yarn, almost never. I am also shorter than the average bear so have been adapting patterns for length for several decades. I am no longer the small person I was when younger so now I adapt for wider hips, bigger bust and general roundness.

I hope all the information I have gathered by knitting for myself and teaching others, will help you become a knitter who can make the necessary modifications for your projects to fit your unique figure.

I also invite you to be more creative and adapt patterns to make them uniquely your own.

Short Bio: My sister Lyn and I were co-owners of Cabin Fever, where we designed and published original patterns, over 160 and 11 books. It was an exciting 23 years.

I have retired and have started a new line of Any Gauge patterns under DebGemmellMods. These are perfect for stash busting. I now have a hat, mitten, a couple shawls and several pullover & cardigan patterns which can be knit with any yarn you love. Stash dive and see what you can find. Several more ideas are percolating.

I wish I was teaching now but hopefully 2023 will be the year we start again.

I’m available to talk to your group about Any Gauge Knitting. Imagine diving into your stash and casting on. Stashbusting rocks!!



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