Stash Busting with One Triangle

Are you into stash busting? Do you have a lot of odd balls of yarn, bits of left over yarn? Have you been gifted with someone else’s stash? Do you need to reduce so you can buy something new? A summer shawl where the gauge doesn’t matter may be the answer.

triangle (6).jpg

I usually have one (OK, maybe more than one) garter stitch project on hand that’s great for TV knitting, car knitting, tea time knitting or reading a book and knitting (that’s a trick which takes some practice, my mom is an expert at it).

To make this triangle asymmetric shawl, grab some yarn and needles, cast on 1 or several stitches, work an increase at the beginning of one row (I used a Kf&b increase) and knit back. Working an increase at the beginning of every other row will make an asymmetric shaped shawl which are very popular right now. There are many variations on this theme.

one triangle photo

I took my first Gauge Free shawl to donate at a charity knitter’s retreat and was, of course, casting off once I got there. I know you have never done this!

I thought it would look better once I had blocked it a bit.


Don’t laugh, it sort of worked.

I started another one with Noro Silk Garden Sock (a gifted ball).


Since this is straight knitting, knitting, and more knitting, you could have fun playing with different patterns.

I added stripes of Louet Euroflax Linen (2 rows of Silk Garden, 2 rows of Euroflax). Then decided to purl the second row of the Linen just to see what it would look like. This created a background/foreground look which I found to be very effective.


triangle (5)

I finished with the Linen working eyelets (K2tog, YO) every 4th row.

triangle (6)

The beauty of it is that nothing can go wrong with this One Triangle shawl. Really nothing. So why not try throwing in a stitch pattern or two?

Now it’s time to start a new one.

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