Sweater Time

It’s definitely fall here. Although the weather is still warm, there are intermittent cool days which are causing my needles to twitch. It’s time to get back to sweater knitting. I’m ready to go. One navy, cabled, drop shoulder pullover coming up.

Meanwhile, my testknitters are knitting away on the Crescent FAN Shawl and giving me terrific feedback. I’ve finished my 3 colour version with all the stitch patterns and it’s blocking, waiting for a good photo day.

I’m knitting a garter stitch version in DK weight now. It’s terrific TV knitting. You might recognize the colours. They are leftover 50g balls from the Family Crew Neck striped version. I did have to buy one more colour to use these up. Doesn’t it always go that way?

And just to keep those twitchy needles working, I’ve picked up the V-neck cardigan that I was working on in the spring. Oops, I don’t think I told you about that one. It’s been languishing all summer but now it’s time to get going on it too.

Isn’t it satisfying to have lots of knitting to do?!

Cheers, Deb

Any Gauge and Gauge-Free patterns by Deb

Crescent FAN Shawl update

Designs sometimes have a forward/backward two-step dance to them. First step forward was knitting the blue and then gold bands for the shawl. When I realized that this crescent shawl shape was too curly, I ripped back. Yes, a large step backwards. Moving forward, I fixed it and I really like the overall shape.

Once I had it this far along, I decided that the V shapes where too small. I wanted to knit more texture stitches across the rows.

So I ripped the gold out one more time. Yes, one more time stepping back. I made the texture stitch shapes larger at the base. Now, after knitting this section again, I finally have it just like I want it. The shapes are like FANs so I changed the name of the pattern. Why not? Nothing is written in stone yet.

The gold yarn is 80/20 fingering by Shelridge.com and stood up really well to three knits. Yay.

I’m knitting the last band of colour as you read this. There is no stopping me now!

The pattern is off to the testknitters and I’m contemplating knitting another one. Hmm, what to choose this time? DK weight? Yeah, that would work.

Cheers, Deb

Gauge-Free and Any Gauge patterns by Deb

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