Wedding Wrap Done

It’s done and the bride-to-be likes it. She really likes it.


This was a project from the heart. I was thrilled to be asked to make a wrap and then I, of course, worried about it from beginning to end. I’m really good at that. It’s good to go with your strengths.

I designed a smaller project, the Three Cable Reversible Scarf, as a prototype to make sure my daughter liked it. I got the OK on that and cast on triple the scarf plus a few more stitches between the sets of cables, for a large blanket style wrap.

I think doubled over like this it should be warm enough for a couple of outdoor photos for a January wedding. Brrrr.


Lyn, my sister and owner of Shelridge Yarns, contributed her Classic Worsted W4 wool (colour Fog) which she had dyed. It shows the cables really well and was a delight to knit with.

Now that my one big project is finished I have cast on two fingering weight pullovers for myself and 3 hats. One of these sweaters is to be my lace tunic for the wedding.


I got so excited to start something new I was at the Great Divide before I knew it. I’m giving myself enough time to knit it and see how it turns out. Again knitting without a formal plan, with my fingers crossed the whole time (tricky but I’m getting pretty good at it). Maybe I need a knitting meditation program!

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Jogless One Round Stripes

I readily admit that I become obsessed. When I run across something really interesting, all else falls away. I bought a book. That’s often how it starts. I don’t buy many books any more so I did think about it several times before pressing the pay button. I am so happy with it. Have you heard of it?  Something New to Learn About Helical Knitting.

Helical knitting is also called Stacked Stripes, Spiral Stripes, Jogless One Round Stripes. It’s all about one round stripes that have no jog where you change colours between rounds.

I have had my way with this technique before. I’ve written a Spiral Stripes blog and a couple of patterns. The Stash Buster Striped Hat uses 4 colours and is great for odd bits of yarn you have left in your stash. Also Stash Buster Socks which was an obsession for quite a while (6 pairs of socks later).

Stashbuster Hat
Stash Buster Sock P1040004 (480x640) (2)
Stash Buster Socks

I love it when someone dives into a topic, as Jen Arnall-Culliford has with this book, and gives you tips and tricks that make a technique work really well.

As you can see in the photos above, where you change colours gives you a tightness. There is no jog in the stripe and the tightness does go away when worn but Jen has a terrific trick for avoiding it all together.


Basic 1×1 Helical Stripes video  As you slip the last 3 stitches before changing colours, you move further and further away from the beginning of round marker. In fact for my hat I just took the beginning of round marker out and forgot about it. The tightness is eliminated and it’s really easy to do. Gotta love a trick like that.

If you, like I do, have many, many little odd balls of various yarns in your stash you could join me and knit a bunch of hats to keep your loved ones warm. Winter is here, at least where I live. There will be more hats.

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Six Weeks

Are you busy knitting gifts? Are you gearing up for the big day in December? It’s not long now. In knitting terms, it’s almost here. Six weeks away. Yikes, what can I knit in time and how many can I make? Do you have some suggestions?

Here are a few of my favourite Cabin Fever patterns that we have made over the years that are quick and interesting to make.

Swirl Infinity Scarf and Hat  This hat is fun to knit and you can stash dive for any yarn from worsted weight to chunky weight and get started right away.

Swirl hat

Last Minute Mittlets  Chunky weight quickies. Mittlets always seem to be a hit.

Last Minute mittlets


Adult Flap Cap  Another chunky weight quick knit. Great for tweens, teens and adults on your list.

adult flap cap

The Fern Kerchief  Stash dive for any yarn from sports weight to heavy worsted and knit a small kerchief with a lovely lace border.

the fern kerchief

There are lots more small projects in our Cabin Fever ravelry store.

Last year I knit socks but this year that’s not going to happen since I’m still working on the Wedding Wrap.

WRAP UPDATE: I kept wondering how big it was going to be once it was blocked so …


I dumped it in the sink even though it was still on the needles. Rolled it in a towel and stomped on it a bit. Laid it out on the spare bed. It’s big but not quite long enough. Just a little big more.


Thanks for reading. Do you have some quick gift suggestions? I’m sure we could all do with a couple more ideas.


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Panic at the Finish Line

As I reach the final stretch of my wrap I find myself starting to panic. What if it’s not as wonderful as I had hoped? What if all I can see are the small imperfections (that make it handmade of course but … you know how this goes). This is the problem with finishing, once it’s done all the judgements begin and the finish line is looming. I have a tendency to slow right down to avoid finishing. I’m pretty indulgent about how my knitting turns out when the knitting is for myself. I encourage knitters to do the same, perfection is a killer. It’s when it’s for someone else that I get stuck. The solution? Start something else?

An early morning shot of my progress. Almost 5′ long.

I am patting myself on the back for sewing all the ends in. I’m up to 7 x 100g balls which means 14 ends. Yes, 12 are sewn in. Yay. I used this video to help me: Weave in Ends in Garter Stitch

To distract myself from being too perfectionist, I knit a hat.


I had several really good reasons, really I did.

  1.  I am running a couple of Top Down Hat classes starting in a couple of weeks (Purl3 in Orillia Nov. 14 & 21 ; Twist Yarn in Midland Nov. 22 & 29, Dec. 6) . I had to do some samples, right? I didn’t have to make a hat in fingering weight wool which takes a lot longer, but I did have to make a hat. Now I need to do a couple more with different crowns because that’s the idea for the class. More hat knitting is needed.
  2. This gives me a small project to carry around. I was at a loss without a project in my purse. The wrap is really big now and hardly fits in my knitting tote bag.
  3. I have to use up my stash because it’s not fitting in the closet anymore. So I must use up all the yarn that is starting to leak out. Have to.

Is that enough rationalizing?

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Struggling with Monogamous Knitting

Are you a monogamous knitter? Do you stick to your plan of starting and finishing each project as it comes up the queue? If you do, I could use some tips.

I know some people are programmed to finish what they start. They buy yarn for a particular project, get started and FINISH. Wow. I’m in awe. I usually have several projects on the go at one time. Now that I am trying to work on one at a time, I am having some problems. I’m a newby. How do you do this?

Last weekend was our Cabin Fever Retreat. Imagine lots of knitters in class all day learning all things I-Cord. We knit a back and front of a small purse (all sides worked in I-Cord), joined it all together with more I-Cord. They knit with 100% wool  Northern Lights so when they get home, they can felt their purse.

In the evenings, knitters are knitting on their class project or one of the projects they brought with them. I am knitting on my monogamous wrap project. All good. I can knit my wrap while talking and laughing. No problem there. What I can’t do its bring it with me to meals and knit at the table. First of all the wrap is getting big, too big to carry around. Also I am at that stage of wanting to protect it from spills or anything that could damage all the work I’ve done. So knitting at the dinner table is out. Trying to be monogamous, I didn’t bring another project with me. A mistake. Imagine me fiddling with my silverware while everyone else is knitting, waiting for our meals to arrive.

What is your strategy? Stick to one project, no matter what? Work on two projects at one time? Say, what the hell and work on many, many projects?

My wrap is now a stay-at-home project. It’s almost too big for my knitting bag. That’s a good sign, I’m making progress. It may be time to dig out one of my UFO (unfinished objects) or come on, let’s be honest, start a new project to carry around.

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Knitting Guild workshops

Do you belong to a Knitting Guild? I had the pleasure of doing workshops at two different knitting guilds this week. I am also looking forward to my own knitting guild meeting later this week.

Our Couchiching Knitters Guild has been running (under various names and several different locations) for more than 20 years. We were getting so chatty at our meetings that we couldn’t seem to get anything else done so now we go for dinner first and then meet at the Purl3 knitting shop for our meeting. We do a short technical lesson or discussion (this month it’s bring your favourite Christmas gift pattern) and then, the highlight, our show and tell. There is always lots to inspire us: stories of problems, offers of solutions, new books, new patterns, yarn galore and lots of encouragement. It’s always terrific to be with people who love knitting as much as I do.

In Port Hope I lead the Make It Fit workshop. I was impressed by the number of sweater knitters in this group. We explored small additions to a pattern that can make a sweater fit each of our unique figures. Yes, the person who has to make a sweater fit really well is you.

Female-Body-Shapes Workshop (2)

We discussed why you need to make accommodations and where you would incorporate each technique. They knit a little sample to try out several techniques:  Easy Bust Shaping, Bust Shaping with Twin Stitches, Where is your Waist. Knitting the sample seemed to make it all more real and open up the possibility that they could actually add the shaping they needed on their next sweater. Because they are a guild they now have the support to make this happen.

At the Knotty Knitters guild meeting in Peterborough we explored taking a raglan pattern and seeing if we could make changes to the yoke and come up with something different.


I truly believe that every knitter has a designer inside them who wants to get out and try something. This is the class for that knitter. There are so many possibilities and places to go using a raglan pattern. This workshop has produced these two patterns so far:  Kid’s Diamond Pullover

20180419_113837 - Copy

and Kid’s Summer Topper.

20180419_112048 - Copy

There will be more coming down the pipe.

That was my exciting week. Next weekend is the Cabin Fever Retreat where we are doing all things I-Cord. The fun never stops!

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A “thing” about Reversibility

Do you have a “thing”? Let me put that another way. Do you have “strong opinions” about certain aspects of knitting?

My friend, Gayle of Knits From the Woodlot, has decided opinions about reversibility. If there is any chance that you will see the other side of your knitting, it also needs to look beautiful.

From her blog 5 Things I Love and Hate About Knit Designs, this quote was first on the list:

  • For me, reversibility is essential for shawls, scarves, cowls, and shawl collars, anywhere the wrong side will show. Knitters are not on the fence about this issue. We fall into, “I love shawls, therefore I’m OK with the wrong side showing sometimes” or “No way, I don’t want to be fiddling with what I’m wearing or what’s on the sofa.”

I agree. I’m also not on the fence. So when my daughter asked me to knit her a wrap for her winter wedding, first I was thrilled and second, I thought immediately that it needed to be reversible.

I checked out the book that Gayle recently recommended. Reversible Knitting Stitches, Knits From The Woodlot

I swatched several cables. I am new to reversible cables so it was fun.



My decisions made, I knit a scarf. This is now a New Cabin Fever Pattern called Three Cable Reversible Scarf.  It’s a charted pattern.

20180925_164424 - Copy
This is the right side when you are knitting (just because it’s easier to follow the pattern if we call one side the right side).
20180925_164539 - Copy
The wrong side which some of my family love better. No problem because both sides are beautiful.

Then, the saga continues, Gayle sent me her latest design for tech editing. You guessed it, very similar. Great minds and all that. Out of 200 stitch patterns from the Reversible Knitting Stitches book we chose the same central cable. It’s obviously the best looking cable in the book, ha, ha.

The Marksbury Wrap   Check it out.

Gayle's reversible scarf

And how is the winter wedding wrap coming along? So far, so good.


My daugher wanted a very wide wrap so this is approximately the Three Cable Reversible Scarf x 3.  I’m about half way done, OK maybe not quite half but it’s moving along. I might need some cheering from the sidelines for the last couple of feet.

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