New Beginnings

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Here we are starting fresh with a different look at knitting in general and modifications in particular. I have watched many knitters working away only to have a project turn out the wrong size. I’ve done it myself. It’s amazing how denial can set in even though we know it’s not working out properly. That little voice that says “oh, no” can wake me up in the middle of the night since in the day I can ignore it. Maybe if we all know some methods of adapting as we go, that little voice can be heard, projects can be modified and we can sleep at night and knit with confidence in the day.

There are many ways to correct as you go, do a little work before hand or even reformat your project so that it will work. This may encourage you to take that leap to knit a sweater for yourself since we all know that it’s a time and money investment that you really want to fit when you’re done.

Ask questions, pass on info you’ve gathered, tell me about your experiences. I really want every knitter to knit something they can be proud of.

Join me and please share this with your knitting friends so we can all knit the garments we want to.







Starting New

Here we are at a new location to start a new blog. I’m involved in a couple of design groups and would like to talk about all of them and let you in on new designs and techniques. I’ll still be talking about designs for Cabin Fever. More top down ideas are in the works.

I’m also part of the trio that makes up Knitacation. A new design team with Elizabeth Fallone (designer and owner of Eliza’s Buttons and Yarns in Barrie, ON), Annika Peloski (dyer & graphic designer, Dragon Strings) and me (designer and co-owner of Cabin Fever).

My new passion is working on Gauge Free designs. No swatching, no checking gauge. You can knit to fit without knowing how many stitches per inch you are getting. Great for stash busting and charity knitting. You can now use those odd balls of mystery yarn you’ve been given or end up in the bottom of your stash. These will be recipe patterns, a plan as opposed to a pattern with specific stitch counts. They will be easy to work and have lots of instructions.