Middle of the Night designing

Letting go of a project is sad. The BlueV seemed like such a great idea but it didn’t work out. Even trying over and over didn’t make it work. Although I think I know now, after some reflection, what went wrong it’s not the time to try again. Its time to put it down and allow some space for something new. New is exciting!

If I allow some space I get lots of ideas in the middle of the night. Not all of them are great ideas but they are worth listening to and playing with. You never know where they might lead. This time I was thinking about three events I have running in April: Lake Lauzon Knit Weekend, YarnOver SleepOver Retreat and the Knitters Frolic. I thought I would do some children’s sweaters to showcase at these events. Our Cotton Tweed yarn is terrific for children’s knits.

During the day I’m logical or at least I try to be. I thought that working with cables or lace stitches would add some new patterns to our Kid’s line. I did one. I like it.20180308_102715

But at night the sweaters I was thinking of did not have cables and lace. I soon realized that what I really wanted to do was explore some new constructions. The BlueV did not have me out for the count. I had put this exploration aside for other work and it was time to get back to it.

This is an idea I’ve had for many years but never actually knit into a sweater.20180310_115728

I can imagine this as an adult sweater with short sleeves. A terrific summer top in fingering maybe?

I’ve already done an adult version of this construction called Poncho Pullover and now I’m going to have a Kid’s version too. The same but different!


Concentrating on construction is what gets my designer brain percolating. Now I’m excited to get up every morning to work on some new Kid’s sweaters.

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ANY GAUGE and GAUGE-FREE patterns by Deb

Cabin Fever No-Sew patterns

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I'm a Knitter. The capital K means every day, everywhere. I'm co-owner of Cabin Fever with my sister Lyn. We have published over 100 patterns and 11 books. I'm also working on a new set of patterns for Any Gauge knitting. Dive into your stash and cast on for a Top Down sweater that fits, or an accessory to use up those odd balls of yarn.

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