Diamonds, playing with the angles

When you step away from a pattern and start tweaking, there are places where you have to stay fairly true to the original pattern and other places where you get to play.

The playground in this design is after the Great Divide.20180524_091440

How do you want work with the V shaping of the body? I thought it would be fun to play with the angle of the V and see if I could get a bottom edge that was less pointy.

A standard Top Down Yoke is formed by increasing every other round quite often following a basic raglan increase regime.

skew 20180408_091840
Basic Raglan marker set up.

If you stick to this rate of increase, even if you move the increases to different places, you can’t go far wrong.

Diamond marker set up.

I started exploring this idea by knitting a sweater for little people What If … Diamonds to try it out. I was so excited that I proceeded to work an adult size where I began tweaking. First I tweaked the shoulders Diamonds for Big Kids and now I’m having fun with the body.

In the Yoke of this Diamond shaped neckline the increases are worked every other round which gives you a steep V shape.

Diamond angle 45

The entire sweater could be worked with the increases worked at this rate.

But now that the Yoke is finished and we’re working on the body, we can play. Why not? What would happen if we separated the increases and worked them every 4th round? (There are corresponding decreases so that the stitch count remains constant.)20180604_094409

Separating the increases flattens the angle. I like it. If I continued to do this to the bottom of the sweater the bottom edge angle would be just as you see here.

Since I am committed to playing, why stop here? What would happen if even more rounds were worked between the increases?Diamond angle flat

Whoa, an even flatter angle but still a V. I think this gives the bottom edge a nice shape, just enough of a V, not too pointy.20180524_091440

Thanks for reading. If you liked this please share it with your knitting friends.


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5 thoughts on “Diamonds, playing with the angles”

    1. Thanks. It’s really fun to knit and see what will happen. There are quite a few new refinements in the adult version from the Kid’s Diamond.


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