Sleeve Angst

I’m on the sleeves of my latest pullover. This is Not my favourite part of the sweater but I want sleeves so here I am, slightly irritated but determined to get these done.

I’m working with stash wool which is hand dyed and has some colour variation between the skeins (it’s been in my stash quite a long time). I knit the entire body of the pullover working 2 rounds with one ball and 2 rounds with a second ball. That evened out the colour really well.


I started working my sleeves in the round but …

quickly became so irritated I stopped. I couldn’t keep track of whether I had done one round or two, and when was it time to pick up the second ball and do the next two rounds, and then something happened on the movie I was watching so I had to throw the sweater into the corner for a time out. What else could I do? You are right, I could have stopped watching the movie but watching movies is how one knits sleeves, right?

The next day I was smacking my forehead. I could knit the sleeves flat, duh. This is a departure for me. I like to knit everything so I don’t have to sew it up but sometimes it’s good to break your own rules. Now it’s easy to keep track of when to change balls. Work 2 rows with one ball, work 2 rows with the second ball. TV watching/sleeve knitting here I come.


But I do have to sew them up. How could I make this as easy as possible?

Garter stitch is the answer. It’s the easy to sew garter stitch together. So I worked the first and last 2 stitches in garter stitch and worked my sleeve decreases inside this edging. Here they are Finished with the seam sewn together: sew garter stitch. Ta, da.


Now I have 3/4 length sleeves angst-free, broke a rule and survived the experience.

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