A “thing” about Reversibility

Do you have a “thing”? Let me put that another way. Do you have “strong opinions” about certain aspects of knitting?

My friend, Gayle of Knits From the Woodlot, has decided opinions about reversibility. If there is any chance that you will see the other side of your knitting, it also needs to look beautiful.

From her blog 5 Things I Love and Hate About Knit Designs, this quote was first on the list:

  • For me, reversibility is essential for shawls, scarves, cowls, and shawl collars, anywhere the wrong side will show. Knitters are not on the fence about this issue. We fall into, “I love shawls, therefore I’m OK with the wrong side showing sometimes” or “No way, I don’t want to be fiddling with what I’m wearing or what’s on the sofa.”

I agree. I’m also not on the fence. So when my daughter asked me to knit her a wrap for her winter wedding, first I was thrilled and second, I thought immediately that it needed to be reversible.

I checked out the book that Gayle recently recommended. Reversible Knitting Stitches, Knits From The Woodlot

I swatched several cables. I am new to reversible cables so it was fun.



My decisions made, I knit a scarf. This is now a New Cabin Fever Pattern called Three Cable Reversible Scarf.  It’s a charted pattern.

20180925_164424 - Copy
This is the right side when you are knitting (just because it’s easier to follow the pattern if we call one side the right side).
20180925_164539 - Copy
The wrong side which some of my family love better. No problem because both sides are beautiful.

Then, the saga continues, Gayle sent me her latest design for tech editing. You guessed it, very similar. Great minds and all that. Out of 200 stitch patterns from the Reversible Knitting Stitches book we chose the same central cable. It’s obviously the best looking cable in the book, ha, ha.

The Marksbury Wrap   Check it out.

Gayle's reversible scarf

And how is the winter wedding wrap coming along? So far, so good.


My daugher wanted a very wide wrap so this is approximately the Three Cable Reversible Scarf x 3.  I’m about half way done, OK maybe not quite half but it’s moving along. I might need some cheering from the sidelines for the last couple of feet.

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Cabin Fever patterns on ravelry

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7 thoughts on “A “thing” about Reversibility”

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m at the 3′ length right now. Three more feet to go. I’ll be counting on your for the sprint to the finish.


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