Sock Mojo Gone

I lost my sock knitting mojo several months back. How does this happen to a devoted sock knitter? What could have caused it? How can I get it back?

It was disconcerting not have a small project in my purse at all times. Everything else I was working on, being the sweater knitter that I am, was too large to carry around. What to do? What is happening here? I’m so close to this pair of socks being done and can’t pick them up to finish.

Heel is based on “Vanilla is the New Black” sock pattern.

After a couple months of fretting thinking, no blinding flash of insight here, it occurred to me that I had made myself a rule for socks that was getting in my way: I would knit all my socks in a different style of knitting than my usual method. For me that was knitting in the English, throwing method. I learned the continental method of knitting from Ruth, a girl in my university residence, who learned it from her German neighbour and have always knit this way.

Apparently knitting in a different style can help with the pain and strain of knitting. Any change to your knitting changes your posture. Your head, shoulders and hands are in different positions so that you are not always sitting exactly the same way for the many hours you knit. I thought that knitting socks with my other hand would be a good rule. I would always have one project on the go that was worked in the throwing method.

It worked for a while and then it didn’t. I never got really good at it. I never felt comfortable and I don’t know how you purl easily in the throwing method because to me it continues to be so very, very awkward. My sock mojo left. Not good.

Last week I decided to buy some new sock yarn. No rules this time. I started knitting  on Thursday, in my usual continental, double pointed needles fashion and, guess what, it’s  fun again. I’m most of the way down the leg already and anxious to get going today to do some more.


Maybe the lay-off was needed. A couple months of no-sock-knitting has shown me that I still love knitting socks. I will have a project in my bag at all times. Back at it and happy to be here.


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4 thoughts on “Sock Mojo Gone”

  1. Amazing how it all comes back. Let’s face it, we’re hooked. I picked up and almost finished a shawl I started 2 years ago. Now, looking forward to wearint it!


  2. Having large man feet I’m always paranoid about running out of yarn before completing a pair so I always knit toe-up two at a time on a circular needle, working both ends of the skein/ball. That way if the yarn starts to run out I can throw on a quick cuff and cast off a matched pair. Seeing socks knitted cuff-down gives me the shivers.

    (It’s odd because once I have them I almost never bother to match my socks again. Life’s too short.)


    1. I don’t knit two at a time because they don’t seem so portable. I have small feet so no problem getting a pair out of a ball. That’s a bonus for me. I get the running out of yarn thing though.


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