Any Gauge Raglan class at Eastern Needlers Retreat

There is always something new to learn in knitting. I passed on my knowledge in two Any Gauge classes and took a class myself to learn something new to me.

Last weekend at the Eastern Needlers Retreat I taught my Any Gauge Raglan as a cardigan. The classes were amazing. Everyone hung in to the last, using their own measurements to knit a little vest or sweater at 1/5 scale.20191104_091250

Nancy finished hers by the next day. Fantastic.IMG_20191103_120847


It’s not possible to do all the knitting needed for the real sweater although several students wished we could. Me too.

I started this one as a sample.20191104_091058


We did all the tips and tricks I could manage in the time: double buttonholes, extra bust width, sleeve placement, amount of ease and raising the back of neck. Phew, yes it was intense.

On Sunday I got to take a class myself. A real treat for me. Mairi introduced us to Twining. Wow. It’s a Swedish knitting technique that twists the stitches between every stitch. It’s not as hard as it sounds. It can also make colour patterns. Look at my wrister. Cool, eh?20191103_113201


And you know how I love weird and wonderful charts!! And these are different, v-e-r-y interesting.

A wonderful weekend. Thanks again to Debbie Wilson of Sheeps Ahoy for inviting me.

Hope you had a terrific weekend of knitting too,


Any Gauge patterns by Deb

Cabin Fever Books and patterns

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