Build a ‘V’ for children

I would like to introduce the Build a V cardigan for your favourite child. Maybe right now is the time to be adventurous and try a Gauge-Free sweater pattern. That’s right, there is no mention of gauge throughout the whole pattern, ever.  NO SWATCH needed,  YAY. Grab any yarn you love, needles and a trusty tape measure and cast on.20200320_103518 - Copy

20200320_103718 - Copy

It’s knit flat in garter stitch and then folded at the top of the shoulder line to make a cardigan.

Here’s an overview. The Back Panel  and then 2 Front Panels are knit as separate blocks.

Then … pick up along the sides of the Back and one of the Fronts (along the black line in the schematic) to knit sideways for half the Body.


Here are some photos of the Build a V testknits.

Is this beautiful for a little boy? Done in Lion Brand Ferris Wheel, a variegated yarn with a long colour change. Pretty cool a V baby R

Once the Side Panel for the Body is knit you put side seam stitches on spare yarn so that all you are left with on your needle are the sleeve stitches. Knit your sleeve and voila … half your sweater is done.

Build a V child blank schematic - shaded sleeve

Work the other side, fold, sew the sleeve seam and it’s a garter stitch cardigan for your special little one.


Is this cute or what?! One of my testknitters did the stash dive and worked in 3 colours. Stash diving at it’s best. Build a V 1 - Copy

Since there are many distinct blocks of knitting you can play with them and have some fun with colours or maybe even knit the Side Panels with stripes (I wish I had thought of this when I knit my sample).

Thanks testknitters for your work.

I’ve started a NEW Ravelry Group: DebGemmellMods   I’m handy there for answering questions. I’d love to see your Build a V photos. Join me.


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Ravelry Group: DebGemmellMods

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