Sloped shoulder sweaters. Are you a fan?

I’ve been checking out the sloped shoulder sweaters for a while now. There are many variations.

Have you done one of these? What did you think of it?

I am knitting the Centerpopover which is this one. We’ll call it #1.

Would you call this a batwing or a dolman style pullover? The shoulder line is extended out past the body. The long sleeve would extend straight out from the extension. When blocked, I think the long sleeves would slope down slightly.

I blocked mine and stretched the shoulder line. I wanted the sleeves to come down my arms to form short sleeves.

Here is #2. This one has some shaping. The shoulder line is again extended past the body line but then decreases are worked along the sleeve opening. The sleeves would definitely extend the shoulder slope.

Would this one also give you a batwing/dolman look? You could definitely work decreases in the body below the sleeves to get that effect.

Then we have a simpler style with a straight body line. #3

The sleeve would angle down a bit when worn. At least I hope it would.

And for #4.

A straight body line again. Short rows are worked at the top of the long sleeves so that they match the shoulder slope.

I’m finding all of this most interesting. Have you knit one of these? Did it work for you?

Cheers, Deb

Any Gauge and Gauge-Free patterns by Deb

Author: debgemmellmods

I'm a Knitter. The capital K means every day, everywhere. I'm co-owner of Cabin Fever with my sister Lyn. We have published over 100 patterns and 11 books. I'm also working on a new set of patterns for Any Gauge knitting. Dive into your stash and cast on for a Top Down sweater that fits, or an accessory to use up those odd balls of yarn.

10 thoughts on “Sloped shoulder sweaters. Are you a fan?”

  1. They have never really worked for me. If any is number four. It as I say the tops ones look odd on me at least I think .

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  2. Hey Deb, Well you asked, and I have to say I’m not a fan. Sorry. 🙄 I have straight shoulders and it might cause the neck to flare out at the shoulders. I can’t imagine it fitting me very well. I’m afraid I’d be constantly fidgeting, pulling and tugging at it while wearing it. Linda in Idaho, USA

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  3. Hi Deb,
    As you are someone who designs patterns I can understand and appreciate your interest in exploring all shapes and styles of knitting .
    Personally for myself that style does nothing for me and is not flattering either ( I tried it years ago). I prefer a traditional shape of pullover or cardigan knit top down. But that is only my preference I’m sure there will be some who would like this style.
    One thing I will agree on is that whatever you make , the finished garment will look lovely and the stitch work will be impeccable.
    Keep on stitching ❤️.
    Peg B

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    1. I have always worn quite traditional styles of sweaters. A classic raglan fits and looks good. You’re right, this is my exploration into over-sized garments. Who knows where this is going? Not me!


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