Knit to Fit and Fade

My first fade is finished. I love it. I knit it in Dragon Strings,   Fairy Wrap (worsted weight) in Dirty Hippy colourway with 4 colours. The Fade stripes were easy to work and it’s so much fun getting to see the next colour blend in. I would totally do another sweater this way.



KNIT TO FIT:    Usually your Top Down pullover will have a specific number of stitches to reach for the bottom of the yoke. That was the case here but I still wanted to have extra width across the Front for 2 obvious reasons. The easiest way to do this was to work the increases that would normally be worked on the Back, on the Front as extra increases. The stitch count remains as it should and there would then be extra width on the Front where I needed it.

For the last inch or so of the yoke I didn’t work the raglan increases on the Back. You can see that the raglan line straightens out but when worn this is invisible.


On the Front I worked extra increases alongside the regular raglan increases: across Front, slip raglan Marker, K1, work raglan increase, K1, work extra increase (M1), knit across Front to last 2 sts, M1, K1, work raglan increase, K1, slip marker. Two extra increases have been worked on the Front only which when done several times will give you some extra room across the bust.


Since I left it a little late before starting to work the extra increases (I was distracted working my fade stripes) I snuck a couple extra increases in on the plain knit rounds. This gave me just that little bit more width across the bust. It’s puckering a little bit but that will block out.

I decided to work this sweater body shape.

Hip shaping Only

I knew I would be doing fade stripes and would need a fairly simple shape so that I  wouldn’t be doing too much at one time. I didn’t want my brain to explode.

I did need to reduce some width across the Front once I was past the largest part of my bust. Just below my bust I decreased away about half of those extra bust stitches. This gives me some more curve in my sweater.


Add in some hip shaping and it was done before I knew it. Let the cold winds blow I have a wonderful, colourful vest to wear all winter.

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3 thoughts on “Knit to Fit and Fade”

  1. Could you please send me a specific link to this awesome pattern. When I click on the link you posted it takes me to page full of pattern books! Which pattern book is it in? If it’s even there? Help! Thanks a bunch, Judi


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