Cable pullover done

It’s done. Phew. My newest Any Gauge Raglan Pullover was made by taking apart a sweater I wasn’t wearing and turning it into this one. I put it on the day I finished, and the next day, and the one after that. I think I like it. Here’s the requisite bathroom photo.

I don’t know if you can see but I ran out of wool. Yup. I knit this pullover with a much smaller needle than the original sweater. Ouch, just one ball short. So into the stash I went.

I found one ball of orange (on the left) and yes, it doesn’t quite match but … what can you do?!

I got the bottom of the sleeves and the neckband out of it. It’s not perfect but I’m really happy with it. I keep wearing it. That’s the real test. It passed.

Now a pause. I find there is always a very uncomfortable pause after finishing a big project. Do you find that?

I started doodling, otherwise known as charting. And then it got out of hand.

Time to do a clean up I guess.

That’s better but I still have a lot on my mind.

How about you?


Any Gauge and Gauge-Free patterns by Deb

Deb on instagram because you know there’s more knitting going on.

Author: debgemmellmods

I'm a Knitter. The capital K means every day, everywhere. I'm co-owner of Cabin Fever with my sister Lyn. We have published over 100 patterns and 11 books. I'm also working on a new set of patterns for Any Gauge knitting. Dive into your stash and cast on for a Top Down sweater that fits, or an accessory to use up those odd balls of yarn.

20 thoughts on “Cable pullover done”

    1. I used 5 balls at the same time to really mix up the colour variation in this wool. Check out my blog post: Raglan, No Pooling


    2. Oops, sorry, didn’t answer your question. Yes on the sleeves I alternated. The neckband is that extra ball by itself.


  1. It’s beautiful! I love following your methodology— it makes me appreciate all over again the amount of work that goes into designing a knitting pattern. I once did the same thing with a shawl. I ran out of yarn. I had nothing even close to the original colour in my stash so I used a completely contrasting colour. I loved how it made the lace shawl border really pop. Knitting can be a lot of fun when things go sideways!

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  2. Hi Deb,
    It looks brilliant, well done. It’s so exciting to finish a project isn’t it.
    I can’t wait to see what you decide to make next!
    Peg Bird

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  3. You did it again Deb!! What a great recycling idea & it fits just right. Now, if I could get my own butt in gear & follow your adjustments before Summer . . . . .

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  4. What an interesting pattern. Where can I find it?
    Also, when you did the sleeves, did you use 4 needles, round needle or two straight needles?

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    1. The link to the pattern is in the blog post. It’s the Any Gauge Raglan Pullover on ravelry. I use double points for my sleeves. They work best for me.


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