Crewneck Pullover short rows

The new pattern I’m working on for a Family Crew Neck Pullover begins by knitting the neckband in the round. This is not the usual way to start a raglan pullover.

Usually you would cast on for the shoulder, back of neck and second shoulder and work back and forth to form the crewneck. You would work your usual raglan increases along with an increase at the beginning and end of the row to form the crewneck angle on the Front. Then cast on some centre front stitches and work your yoke in the round. Pick up the neckband afterwards.

Have you made a pullover that begins like this?

But of course, I am not doing this pullover like that. As my husband would say, “Have you met me?”.

I am starting with the neckband already knit in the round and to form the crewneck front, I’m going to work short rows. Why? Because I love short rows and they work.

Look at that. To me it’s a thing of beauty. I know, it’s a weird designer thing. But I do love looking at this stage in my pullover. The Back is raised. The Front is lowered. And now we’re working in the round for the rest of the yoke.

Now I have a question for you. Here it is with a colour change.

Is the angled edge of the Front with the short rows too messy?

Here’s a close up of both sides. Messy?

I don’t mind it at all but …

Would you like one round of grey knit before starting the short rows? Yes or No?

Thanks. I appreciate your opinion. Cheers, Deb

Family Crew Neck

Any Gauge and Gauge-Free patterns by Deb

Author: debgemmellmods

I'm a Knitter. The capital K means every day, everywhere. I'm co-owner of Cabin Fever with my sister Lyn. We have published over 100 patterns and 11 books. I'm also working on a new set of patterns for Any Gauge knitting. Dive into your stash and cast on for a Top Down sweater that fits, or an accessory to use up those odd balls of yarn.

22 thoughts on “Crewneck Pullover short rows”

  1. YES. I think the color change makes it look like a messy pickup. Not a biggie but will make a nice sweater look bad unless you’re using rustic yarns.

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  2. Yes a line of grey would make a smoother transition I think. Perhaps in another posting could you describe how you set up the short rows – where do you start, how many rows would you work, is there a formula? What is your favourite short row method. Thank you!

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  3. Deb, I think a row of grey would make the transitions of short rows more blended. I love how you go about designing. I wish I had some of your talents!

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    1. You have talents. This just happens to be mine. This patterns going to leave you room to play.


  4. I vote for 1 row of gray before starting the change . Keeps a cleaner line , same way you do the increases / decreases one stitch in keeps things neater .

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    1. You’re right. I added in an extra blue round which I agree will look better. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts.


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