What Would Happen If …

Have you knit several Top Down Raglans? Are you looking at knitting another one and wonder if there is a small change you could make that would make it new again? I was thinking the same thought.


This doesn’t look hard right? Just a little bit of ribbing with twisted stitches along the raglan line.

Here is a typical Top Down Raglan set up which has 8 increases worked every right side row at the 4 raglan markers. The lines in the drawing are where the markers are and there is a knit stitch on either side of these markers which form the raglan line.

skew 20180408_091840

What if … you widen the raglan line on one side of the marker on one front and on one side of one marker on the back. What would happen?

skew 20180408_091905

Work a stitch pattern in that space.

skew 20180408_091920

skew 20180329_102127

I’ve run the pattern down from the K2,P2 neckband and it fits beautifully. So far, so good.

The fun begins after the Great Divide. If I continue to work an increase before the stitch pattern and then introduce a corresponding decrease after the pattern to keep the stitch count correct, it does this. Do you love it?

skew 20180408_100614

Is this fun or what?! I’m going to call it SKEW. One small change with big results, at least I think so.

Thanks for reading. I have to get back to my testknit and work on writing the pattern for you.


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